[Stephan Richter]
>>>>  http://zope.org/Products/Zope3/

[Jim Fulton]
>>> This URL is incorrect. The correct URL is:
>>>    http://zope.org/Products/Zope3
>>> (no trailing slash)

>> Both should work. Because if you click via the Webpage links, you get the
>> slash.

> Yes, they should work.
> Unfortunately, they don't.

So is there a reason for saying that the version without the trailing
slash "is correct" and that the other "is incorrect" stronger than
that you tried both, and observed that one worked for you while the
other didn't?

I ask because we've seen this before.  Unless something relevant on
zope.org has changed, which of the two forms works depends both on who
tries it and when they try it.  We've also seen cases where neither
form works for a given person at a given time.

If that's still the case, then it can help for a person to try both,
but doesn't help to keep banging on just one because someone else said
it worked for them.

BTW, the Wiki link to 3.1.0 doesn't resolve at


I mean this part near the top:

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