I can spend some time on the command line tool -- that would be ideal for us 
anyway. Security isn't an issue, at least short term, as this is strictly for 
OS-level backups.

In the next couple weeks I'll take a closer look.

If I understand the gist of the checkin/checkout model, there's profound 
implications for TTW development. Would this not alleviate the SCM problerms of 
code-in-the-ZODB-black-box syndrome that Zope 2 faces?

 -- Garrett


> Garrett Smith wrote:
>> I have a backup requirement to save a folder (a site) and be able to
>> restore it without effecting other sites on a server.
>> I looked briefly at Zope3's fssync but I'm not sure if it's current,
> I don't know if it's current.  It is largely independent of
> Zope so it should
> still work.
>  > or
>> exactly how it could be used for this.
>> Any recommendations?
> Sigh.  I wish someone had time to work on this.
> It currently has a web-based interface that allows objects
> to be checked out and checked in, with semantics much like
> a version control system.  We aren't using it because it lacks
> an adequate security model to support web-based access.
> FWIW, here are some thoughts of where I'd like to see this go:
> - I'd like to see 2 different types of interface:
>    o A web based interface like we have now except that you should
>      only be able to check out or in if the object being checked out
>      or checked in has a fssyn adapter (other than the default) and
>      if the user has the necessary permissions.
>    o A command-line tool that opens the database directly. This tool
>      would not go through the security system at all and would be able
>      to use the default (xml-pickle-based) adapter.
> - (at least) Two modes should be supported.
>    o checkout/checkin
>      When objects are checked out, we make 2 copies (as svn does).
>      This allows us to track and merge changes made in zope or     
> on the file system. 
>    o export/import
>      Here the goal is tranfering things.  We don't make 2 copies.
> Jim

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