Garrett Smith wrote:
I can spend some time on the command line tool -- that would be ideal for us 
anyway. Security isn't an issue, at least short term, as this is strictly for 
OS-level backups.

In the next couple weeks I'll take a closer look.

Great! Thanks.  The command-line tool should be straightforward.
In fact, earlier versions only had command-line tools.

If I understand the gist of the checkin/checkout model, there's profound implications for
> TTW development. Would this not alleviate the SCM problerms of 
> syndrome that Zope 2 faces?

Yes. That's the idea. :)

In addition, to the degree that file-system representations of content can
be diff friendly, there are some really nice possibilities for off-line
content management and synchronization.

Imagine in a document management system that someone checks out a folder
of documents and works on them off line.  They can later check these in,
merging their changes with any changes made by others.  Obviously, there's
lots of hand waving here, since the formats that people often use for
document management are not particularly diff friendly.  It would
help if, eventually, the diffing tools could be content type specific.


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