A couple (very) quick observations:

- Annotations aren't serialized because the IAnnotations adapter is not 
trusted. Strangely, IAnnotations(ob) it's returning an empty dict rather than 
raising a Forbidden on __annotations__. I didn't look into that weirdness, but, 
once annotation permissions were set, they get serialized.

- The browser upload interface is quite broken. I was able to get a composite 
XML file with @@toFS.snarf.

I'll post a separate msg to see if there's anyone else interested in this 
functionality. It's too darned functional to go stale like this.

 -- Garrett


> Garrett Smith wrote:
>> I can spend some time on the command line tool -- that
> would be ideal for us anyway. Security isn't an issue, at
> least short term, as this is strictly for OS-level backups.
>> In the next couple weeks I'll take a closer look.
> Great! Thanks.  The command-line tool should be straightforward.
> In fact, earlier versions only had command-line tools.
>> If I understand the gist of the checkin/checkout model,
> there's profound implications for
>  > TTW development. Would this not alleviate the SCM
> problerms of code-in-the-ZODB-black-box
>  > syndrome that Zope 2 faces?
> Yes. That's the idea. :)
> In addition, to the degree that file-system representations
> of content can
> be diff friendly, there are some really nice possibilities
> for off-line
> content management and synchronization.
> Imagine in a document management system that someone checks
> out a folder
> of documents and works on them off line.  They can later
> check these in,
> merging their changes with any changes made by others.
> Obviously, there's
> lots of hand waving here, since the formats that people often use for
> document management are not particularly diff friendly.  It would
> help if, eventually, the diffing tools could be content type specific.
> Jim

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