Garrett Smith wrote:
A couple (very) quick observations:

- Annotations aren't serialized because the IAnnotations adapter is not 
trusted. Strangely, IAnnotations(ob) it's returning an empty dict rather than 
raising a Forbidden on __annotations__. I didn't look into that weirdness, but, 
once annotation permissions were set, they get serialized.

- The browser upload interface is quite broken. I was able to get a composite 
XML file with @@toFS.snarf.

I'll post a separate msg to see if there's anyone else interested in this 
functionality. It's too darned functional to go stale like this.


I assume these experiences were wrt the TTW interface. The (non-existent)
command-line interface shouldn't have either of these problems. :)  It should
avoid the former by not having to deal with security at all.

Fred was the last one to work on this.  He may not have time to work on it now,
but he might be able to answer some questions.


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