Is anyone interested in using export/import capabilities in Zope 3?

As we get more Zope 3 deployments, I think this will become an important topic. 
It looks like the fssync code has become only slightly stale. With a little 
use, this could be break-out feature for Zope 3 developers.

As Jim just pointed out, there are a couple a 'visions' associated with fssync:

- The export/import functionality people are used to with Zope 2

- A checkin/checkout functionality that would let someone make long-running 
changes to a part of a site, with the option of commiting or aborting those 

I suspect the export/import feature alone will be attractive to anyone with 
production servers, as it enables object-specific backup and restore.

If anyone is interested in using this, let me know. I'll be looking into adding 
a simple command-line tool for object-specific backup/restore (i.e. 
export/import) and it would be helpful to have some other users, if not 

 -- Garrett
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