Hi Tim,

On Monday 10 October 2005 14:28, Tim Peters wrote:
> I'll attach a (long) list of current errors.
Ah no!

> Most seem related to 
> twisted, and may ultimately stem from that there is no fcntl module on
> Windows.
Agreed - I am assuming then from looknig at the trace back that Zope is not 
starting because of this. I don't have a Windows box handy to run this 

I have just created a bug report for the Twisted guys at 
http://twistedmatrix.com/bugs/issue1270 and I am about to ask them about 
another problems we should be ware off about running twisted on windows.

> The buildbot hasn't been of any help here, since the Windows box has
> failed during its initial svn step non-stop since last Friday:
>     http://buildbot.zope.org/
(Nice - I didn't know about this)

> where every run on "Windows 2000 fred-win" dies in its checkout step with
>     Failure: exceptions.AttributeError: ShellCommand instance has no
>     attribute 'commandFailed'
This seems to be buildbot itself.

> The
>     Failure in test doctest_RecordingProtocol (zope.app.recorder.tests)
> looks unrelated to twisted; I'll take a look.

> The profiling.txt failure is (still) due to using a Windows-buggy
> snapshot of zope.testing.
> I see the "new" functional-test warning
>     RuntimeWarning: PyCrypto not installed, but continuing anyways!
> on Linux too.  Is installing PyCrypto now a prerequisite for Zope3?
PyCrypto is required if you want to run HTTP over SSL. If you don't want to do 
this then this can be safely ignored.

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