Roger Ineichen schrieb:

I'm not sure I want another prefix in ZPT. I would prefer to provide (or push?) a custom namespace to the template and then use "standard_macros/my_macro" or simply "macros/my_macro".

I know what you mean, but like we discuss at the sprint that are two different concepts.

We only can provide a TALES namescape like "macros:..." otherwise
we have to use a own page template implementation where uses a macro
namespace as a constructor argument.
But then we can't use the browser:page and all this directives for the
registration out of the box.

I prefere a macro namspace for TAL. Otherwise we have to implement
different new ZCML registration directives where are using a custom
page template implementation.

Ok, I don't really understand what this all means. I have trivial use cases and don't understand why everything has to be so complicated.


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