Hi Tim,

On Monday 10 October 2005 19:08, Tim Peters wrote:
> [Tim Peters]
> > I'll attach a (long) list of current errors.  Most seem related to
> > twisted, and may ultimately stem from that there is no fcntl module on
> > Windows.
> Still true.
I have just seen a check in on Twisted from James Knight which should fix 
fcntl import problem in twisted.web2.channel.cgi 

I have also being in contact with Itamar Shtull-Trauring from the Twisted 
community and he said we found an import problem on the 
twisted.web2.channel.cgi module and the parts we care about in twisted.web2 
should work fine (on windows) once this problem is fixed.

I hope to be able to get hold of a Windows box later today just to run a few 
tests but that won't be until 7/8 tonight (11am local time now).

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