Martijn Faassen wrote:

>I'm very curious to see what work was done on a Zope 3 website at the 
>Neckar sprint. Can someone send a report to the list?

We (Dominik Huber, Tonico Strasser, Gregoire Weber, and I) set up a 
zope3org package ( with the following parts:

wikification - A wiki view that transforms sets of HTML documents
            within in a nested folder structure into a Wiki. We defined no
         special content types. We decided to use only files and folders
         to be able to work via ftp, fssync etc. as much as possible.

comment - A simple comment implementation that stores list of comments
        in an object's annotations.
kupusupport - An integration of Kupu into Zope3. Defines an editor
              that can be selected from the ZMI menu. We started that from
        an older version of the IsarSprint and still have to do some work
        to support the current 1.3.1 version of Kupu.
importer  - a wget like tool that allows to import existing Wiki pages
            or other HTML documents from any URL. The pages can be post-
            processed to extract the content and strip out navigation, etc.
        This tool 
Unfortunately we did not manage to plug all parts together, but I hope that
we can bring up a demo site soon. Especially the view with the integrated
Kupu editor and a complete navigation has still to be assembled.

We will also document things in more detail on the NeckarSprint page.


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