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I'm very curious to see what work was done on a Zope 3 website at the Neckar sprint. Can someone send a report to the list?
We (Dominik Huber, Tonico Strasser, Gregoire Weber, and I) set up a zope3org package (http://svn.zope.org/zope3org/) with the following parts:

wikification - A wiki view that transforms sets of HTML documents
            within in a nested folder structure into a Wiki. We defined no
         special content types. We decided to use only files and folders
         to be able to work via ftp, fssync etc. as much as possible.

comment - A simple comment implementation that stores list of comments
        in an object's annotations.
kupusupport - An integration of Kupu into Zope3. Defines an editor
              that can be selected from the ZMI menu. We started that from
        an older version of the IsarSprint and still have to do some work
        to support the current 1.3.1 version of Kupu.
importer - a wget like tool that allows to import existing Wiki pages
            or other HTML documents from any URL. The pages can be post-
            processed to extract the content and strip out navigation, etc.
This tool

Cool stuff! Thanks for this report! I see mostly technical stuff was done. Especially things like comment and kupusupport should also be useful in completely different projects.

Has work been done on a reasonably slick layout for the website as well or is this still planned?

Has an analysis been done what the goals are of this new site? The Zope 3 wiki has traditionally been mostly a developer's tools to handle proposals and the like. It's also functioned as documentation, but in my opinion wasn't very accessible, and positively intimidating for beginners.

As goals for the site, at least the top level of it, I'd suggest marketing, and developer marketing primarily. We need to put across that Zope 3 is powerful, cool, easy, extensible, and built on the vast amount of experience with web application development that we have as the Zope community.

Developer marketing also means that we need to demonstrate all the things Zope 3 can do for you, i.e. features.

It also means we need to make clear there's a strong community, and thus
we need to show how to get involved, with mailing lists, irc channels, svn repositories, and the like.

Developer marketing also means there needs to be quick access to easy to follow tutorials, and access to reference material when needed. We need to make the learning curve easier. In this sense the Zope 3 site will also have the goal of being tutorial and reference.

Another goal of the site could be to replace the current wiki, i.e. a tool used by Zope 3 developers to talk about proposals, designs, etc. This should however be carefully split off into a special section that people won't accidentally stumble into. We don't want a newbie to browse around and unexpectly run into a half finished proposal on ContainerAdapterSecurityProxyFactoryRegistration. :)

Anyway, I'm volunteering to help out with the text and basic organization of this site.


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