Roger Ineichen wrote:
wfmc question

Is it possible to get the particiapants where can start the next activity before workItemFinished is called on a activity?

Conceivable, you could do something like this at the application
level.  Within the worfklow framework though, you need an activity
before you can compute the participant, since participants are
activity adapters. Activities aren't generated until previous
activities are finished.  This is necessary because the end of
an activity might cause any number of other activities to be

Why do you want to know the participants of follow-on activties?

Right now I only see the possibility to implement something like getParticipantsForTheNextActivity() in the custom workflow application and use a hard coded participant id.

In general, an activity need not have *one* next activity. It could
have many, or none.

If I got it right, there is a new security policy comming
where offers something like "take ownership" support.

We are planning to release a securty model which has something
that can be construed as ownership.  The existing security model
has something similar.  In the existing security policy, it could
be argued that you have ownership if you have the "Change Permissions"
permission, because you can then do pretty much anything.

If so, is this usefull for select a specific principals where are in a particpant group of wfmc workflows and apply the workitem to them?

Hm, are you suggesting that you want a process in which certaion
work items are assigned to "owners"? Is so, then obviously, this
information could be used as a basis for that.


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