Martijn Faassen wrote:
> Anyway, if this is indeed the plan for, I was under a few
> severe misapprehensions and I hereby de-volunteer.

It should be clear at this point that there was clearly a lack of
communication about this matter, temporarily forgetting the actual
question whether makes sense or not and in which extend it
covers more than just our developer needs.

It doesn't have to be too late for some discussions. IMO, as much as we
need a decent development with working wikis, Zope 3 could also use some
serious promotion. It's been over a year now of stable Zope 3 and it's
still living in Mom's basement called ComponentArchitecture wiki.

Staying on focus on the develoment site: I'm actually surprised that so
much technology had to be reinvented for a proper development home. If
all we needed is a functional dev site,

- the design wouldn't matter (as long as it's not too confusing)

- we don't need to impress anyone because it's only for us, so no
dogfood requirement

- a ZWiki on a bare Zope 2 is set up within minutes

Again (and I'm saying this again with the possibility of being stamped
as repitive): The last thing I need for writing proposals or posting
comments on the wiki is a WYSIWYG editor. We've been writing STX for
years, maybe reST would be nice so that the proposal posted on the wiki
and the one that ends up being the doctest would be the same. If anyone
here really needs WYSIWYG, please make a point, but I doubt that there
will be one...
For me, this TODO item is archetypical of some mixed up prioritizations
in this whole effort which is why I brought it up again...

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