On 10/11/05, Philipp von Weitershausen <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> - a ZWiki on a bare Zope 2 is set up within minutes

A ZWiki as found on the current zope.org is unusable, so I'll presume
you mean an up-to-date ZWiki, which I expect is much nicer.

> Again (and I'm saying this again with the possibility of being stamped
> as repitive): The last thing I need for writing proposals or posting
> comments on the wiki is a WYSIWYG editor.

Agreed.  A WYSIWYG editor doesn't help, and makes the thing more
fragile.  I would hope a plain text editor would still be an option,
even if we get stuck with HTML as the wiki markup (another point of
contention, I suspect).

> We've been writing STX for
> years, maybe reST would be nice so that the proposal posted on the wiki

If we don't have reST, then we haven't made any progress.  Jim said a
few years ago that reST would be the standard for Zope 3
documentation, and few people have really picked up on that.  That's a
shame, because it's so much nicer and more predictable than STX.  (It
also doesn't get the indentation of code fragments wrong.)

These opinions are my own, and have not been filtered through Jim.  :-)


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