On Tuesday 11 October 2005 12:38, Martijn Faassen wrote:
> Let's separate some concepts here:
> * Zope 3 site: the new Zope 3 website with Zope 3 specific information.
> This could be hosted under zope3.org but is not a requirement.
> * dev wiki NG: New Zope 3 developer's wiki. This will be hosted under
> the Zope 3 site, though I'd recommend strongly against hosting it under
> zope3.org toplevel as that'd be bad marketing.
> * Zope 3 information integrated into zope.org. Probably done on a
> superficial level as it's rather a beast. If Zope 3 site becomes good
> enough we may turn around and integrate Zope 2 information *there* instead.
> * Wikification: software to run dev wiki NG but not only that: also to
> run parts of the Zope 3 website. The idea is we try to use a wiki to run
> the Zope 3 site, so the wiki software is broader in scop than just for
> the dev wiki.
> What happened at the sprint was mostly work on Wikification and dev wiki
> NG. It was *called* zope3.org but we'll now hopefully consider this a
> misnomer. :)

+1 on all definitions and the comment.

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