On Tuesday 11 October 2005 13:24, Jeff Shell wrote:
> Personally, I really like the Z3ECM project site - z3lab.org. It has a
> combination of blogs, papers, demos (animations) and documentation.
> That's still a project in its infancy, but it's a good looking site
> with a variety of sources feeding into it. If there were to be a model
> for a Zope 3 web site, that would be it. 

I have followed the mailing list the last months and the site a little bit, 
and I still do not know what the project is really working on at the moment. 
I know that Roger helped developing a high-level workflow engine atop WfMC 
and Jean-MARC works on CPS skins (why CPS skins, if there is no CPS for Zope 
3), but that's pretty much it.

> The development wiki should 
> still be inside of it, of course. But weblog entries like mine, like
> Martijn's, like Benji's, should all go into it as well (not as a
> "planet zope" type stream, but more dedicated so it's known that
> relevant information shows up).

I agree.

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