For reference, is an up-to-date zope 2 zwiki (see for others), with mail-out/mail-in/external editor etc. enabled. If you haven't checked it recently, please do check the new organization by audience (down the left of the front page).

I did a html-only zwiki demo for Jim which may have helped spark some ideas. I'm undecided on moving to straight html; +1 on trying it, for sure. Edits to large pages should be faster - no need to parse stx/rst. I'm not a huge fan of reST as it is not very forgiving and it is just obscure in places (linking). (I think stx really works well, except that the indentation rules are just too unexpected for new users.)

The mature zope 2 zwiki's features have a certain usability and polish which I'd miss, but I'm really looking forward to checking out the new zope 3-based site/prototype/experiment. It's always good to see alternatives running in the real world and see what works and what doesn't.

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