On 10/11/05, Stephan Richter <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> On Tuesday 11 October 2005 13:24, Jeff Shell wrote:
> > Personally, I really like the Z3ECM project site - z3lab.org. It has a
> > combination of blogs, papers, demos (animations) and documentation.
> > That's still a project in its infancy, but it's a good looking site
> > with a variety of sources feeding into it. If there were to be a model
> > for a Zope 3 web site, that would be it.
> I have followed the mailing list the last months and the site a little bit,
> and I still do not know what the project is really working on at the moment.
> I know that Roger helped developing a high-level workflow engine atop WfMC
> and Jean-MARC works on CPS skins (why CPS skins, if there is no CPS for Zope
> 3), but that's pretty much it.

Specifics about the Z3ECM project aside, it's just a nice site in my
opinion. The front page layout - 'Latest News' and 'Spotlight
Information' on top, the list of documentation updates, blog posts,
documents and white papers on the side, the explanatory text further
down - it's great. It's not super flashy, but it gets information
across and has the feel of "freshest information on top" and avoids
the feel of "lots and lots of new and old information all over the
place" that Zope.org has (which stems from Zope.org's noble efforts as
a community site which has built up a lot of data over the years,
which is why I think a good Zope 3 marketing / information site should
be more 'invite-only' in regards to publishing information, at least
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