Hi Tim,

On Tuesday 11 October 2005 17:31, Tim Peters wrote:
> [Michael Kerrin]
> > I have just seen a check in on Twisted from James Knight which should fix
> > fcntl import problem in twisted.web2.channel.cgi
> >
> > I have also being in contact with Itamar Shtull-Trauring from the Twisted
> > community and he said we found an import problem on the
> > twisted.web2.channel.cgi module and the parts we care about in
> > twisted.web2 should work fine (on windows) once this problem is fixed.
> >
> > I hope to be able to get hold of a Windows box later today just to run a
> > few tests but that won't be until 7/8 tonight (11am local time now).
> Thank you for following up!  I don't have experience with Twisted, so
> don't know what to try.  If you can point me at a patchset, happy to
> try it on Windows any time.  AFAICT, the Twisted-related failures were
> the only ones remaining on Windows when I left off yesterday.

I have just changed the svn:external for Twisted to a more stable 2.1 branch 
which should contain the fix for the Windows problem you reported. I still 
haven't checked Zope on windows yet because of a problem in the with FTP but 
I have being assured that it will run.

I will check the buildbot link you sent in the morning and see what the status 
is then, fingers crossed.

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