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> > Is it possible to get the particiapants where can start the 
> > next activity before workItemFinished is called on a activity?
> Conceivable, you could do something like this at the application
> level.  Within the worfklow framework though, you need an activity
> before you can compute the participant, since participants are
> activity adapters. Activities aren't generated until previous
> activities are finished.  This is necessary because the end of
> an activity might cause any number of other activities to be
> generated.
> Why do you want to know the participants of follow-on activties?

A participant is mapped to a group in my integration. Now I'm looking
for a way to select a principal where the workitem belongs after
finish a activity. Of corse only if there is a next activity and
this activity isn't automatic.

> > Right now I only see the possibility to implement something 
> > like getParticipantsForTheNextActivity() in the custom workflow 
> > application and use a hard coded participant id.
> In general, an activity need not have *one* next activity. It could
> have many, or none.


> > Jim,
> > If I got it right, there is a new security policy comming
> > where offers something like "take ownership" support.
> We are planning to release a securty model which has something
> that can be construed as ownership.  The existing security model
> has something similar.  In the existing security policy, it could
> be argued that you have ownership if you have the "Change Permissions"
> permission, because you can then do pretty much anything.


> > If so, is this usefull for select a specific principals where 
> > are in a particpant group of wfmc workflows and apply the 
> > workitem to them?
> Hm, are you suggesting that you want a process in which certaion
> work items are assigned to "owners"? Is so, then obviously, this
> information could be used as a basis for that.


Ok, I see,
the wfmc process doesn't know about the next participants.
Or at least there is no API for get this info out of the box.

Is it a good idea to implement a method into the application where 
is able to lookup the next activity principals (where are participants 
for the next workitem). Then we are able to render a widget with a list
of principals where you can select from. Of corse only in this 
applications where have a next activity.

So we can use the given principal and assign the workitem to this 

Roger Ineichen

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