I posted part of this to zope-dev yesterday (http://mail.zope.org/pipermail/zope-dev/2005-October/025439.html).

Problem is: the latest zope3.1.0final binary release installation is not working for me the way it should.

The installer just installs zope and exits. A first time user might be lost from that point on.

I am missing a program group created, with a few batch files (start, stop, uninstall, zeo, service, ...), links and the usual stuff.

I have read the MakingARelease page (http://dev.zope.org/Zope3/ZopeWindowsRelease) - i am not sure how to add the program group and the batchfiles, but i could help get it done.

I have put up a page of questions regarding the installation process at http://zopewiki.org/Zope3OnWindowsInstaller to help writing down some answers and to create a Howto for windows users.

Your comments are appreciated,


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