Hi All,

  I am having a problem with permissions and security in zope.app.ftp

The writable method in FTPView basically uses adapter lookup on IWriteFile and tests this adapter if it has a 'write' attribute in order to test if a user can write to the specified file.

The problem is this seems to be always true (assuming the user has permission to list the names in the directory otherwise an Unauthorized exception is thrown, (this is my next problem to fix). The adapter configuration for IWriteFile in zope.app.file has the permission of zope.ManageContent on it. But has far has I can see this permission is only tested if, in this case the write method, is called.

So how do I get this writable method to work correctly, by reimplementing it or via some ZCML trick that I am unaware of.


Michael Kerrin

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