Tarek Ziadé wrote:

The unit test decorator looks good; I might prefer a different name than "timedtest", but because I don't write "old-style" unit tests I'm just -0. The fact that Zope 3 discourages "old-style" unit tests might also be a good reason not to include such a decorator.

The function wrapper for use in doctests doesn't seem like the optimal solution. I almost never create functions in my doctests, so a function wrapper would either be useless or I'd have to "force" the doctest into creating functions just so I can make performance assertions about them.

Perhaps instead a helper object or function(s).  Maybe something like this:

    >>> resetPystoneTimer()
    >>> elapsedPystones() < 1000

The proposal also includes a "top n slowest tests" feature, which I'm +1 on, but we could use a bit more specific proposals.

The proposal does not address the use case of measuring the time to process a particular request. It might be OK to have a separate proposal for that, but it would be nice to see if there would be a good reason to add that here too. (I'll address this a bit more in a reply to Stephan.)
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