Tim Peters wrote:
-1 on the last suggestion <0.1 wink>.  I build the Zope3 Windows
installer because nobody else will do it (and if you disagree with
that statement, _you_ build it from now on ;-)).

If someone can give me instructions assuming I'm starting from I-am-stupid-and-also-have-no-c-compilers-but-do-have-windows state, I'd like to try and help :-)

Any chance of us using hte build bot to build binary releases?

I wasn't involved in
creating it, and I don't even know how it works, beyond that it's a
vanilla distutils-based installer.  The text I put on:


came from trial-and-error reverse-engineering, not from an intimate
understanding of the Zope3-on-Windows vision.

Hmmm, is this what I'm asking for above?

auto-install of Windows Services.  The only hope for stuff like that
is for someone to write MS-specific code to run from a
post-installation script (which script distutils will run for you, if
it's set up right) -- or move back to a wholly separate
Windows-specific installer process (as Zope2 uses).

Could Mark Hammond be tickled ot help here?

The latter is
high maintenance, and given how few "Windows people" contribute to
Zope, unlikely to happen.  The crushing advantage of a distutils-based
installer is that some other project (namely, the Python project) does
the hard work.

How does Python build its Windows installer? It seems nice enough :-)



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