I can reproduce the error:

In the Beginning) The HTTPBasicAuthPlugin is selected in the PAU's
Credentials Plugins configuration, managable on page

I leave it selected -- that is the precondition for the error.
(With 'selected' I mean that it is in the right, not in the left list of
credential plugins.)

Step 1) I unregister the plugin via

Step 2) calling this site again then causes the errror:

The ZMI should prevent me from unregistrating the plugin if it is
selected in my configuration.

BTW, thanks for "Undo!" -- and for Z3 anyway!


Christian Lueck wrote:

>Hi list,
>huuu, I yust unregistered a HTTPBasicAuthCredentialsPlugin from a PAU
>and now I can't configure the hole PAU anymore, due to a
>ComponentLookupError. Maybe my steps were not in the appropriate order,
>but I think the ZMI should prevent me from stepping in an unappropriate
>I send you the hole traceback.

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