On Oct 16, 2005, at 9:42 AM, Stephan Richter wrote:

On Sunday 16 October 2005 09:01, Gary Poster wrote:

Let's say the content provider package offers the concept and the
viewlet package offers a implementation which depends on page

OK, that makes sense.  The contentprovider package offers up two
bits, then: the pattern of looking up by (context, request, view),
and the TALES directive.  It sounds like your division of
contentprovider and viewlet was directly to support your use of
another template language--which is not going to need the TALES

The viewlet manager is just a content provider, it thus integrates nicely with

Absolutely; I understand the necessity of the TAL/TALES stuff for the viewlet package. I was questioning the TALES directive being placed in the contentprovider package, since the only use case Roger mentioned for the contentprovider package (as separate from viewlet) didn't need it. That suggests it perhaps could be pushed up into viewlet, since there appears to be no coherent story for use of the contentprovider package in TALES without the code in viewlet. So just move the TALES into viewlet with the rest of it, and leave only the interfaces for the multiadapter lookup in contentprovider.

If my objections on this point merely lead to a compelling bit of elaboration in contentprovider's README as to when and why one might use contentprovider without viewlet (i.e., "this package is useful when you aren't using ZPTs but want the basic pattern used by the viewlet package, or when [...some other story that explains why the TALES code is there...]") then I will regard my time providing feedback on this part of the proposal as well-spent.

BTW, I am going to respond to your longer mail later.

Excellent, thanks.


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