On Oct 17, 2005, at 11:23 AM, Dominik Huber wrote:
IMO it is very important to provide a standardized way to handle complex, formbased views properly (-> prefix like nested widgets)

Agreed. FWIW, this is another part of the subview package. I tried to spell this out very explicitly. If contentproviders agreed on the subview interfaces, or something like them, then we would have a lower level agreement for all of the page component technologies out there.

and to sketch the difference between widgets and viewlets out.

The zope.widget package in the branch is currently in disrepair, but the intent is for widgets to be subviews. The subview package actually grew out of the widget work. This won't be ready for 3.2.

I personally don't think that I want default widget look-up to require (context, request, view), as opposed to the current (context, request), so I'd be in favor of widget interfaces extending the subview interfaces, not the contentprovider interface. If for some reason someone wanted a widget system with lookups based on contentprovider then that could be an additional layer, still using all of the (context, request)-based code.

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