On Saturday 15 October 2005 15:48, Gary Poster wrote:
> I have been working on a subview package off in another branch.  It  
> addresses a class of bugs caused by subviews that affect non-
> contained subviews; sets the stage for AJAX components and for  
> independently-configurable drag and drop between subviews; and wants  
> to contemplate subview persistence as an optional addition.
> Of these, my biggest concern is the first.  When building our portlet  
> system, we discovered a class of rendering bugs that occur when a  
> change to a subview affects other subviews (usually non-nested): the  
> underlying data changes as expected but it is not drawn to screen  
> because the data change was out of order for the rendering.  The two  
> stage approach, calculating all state and then rendering all, is the  
> solution we came up with for mitigating what we called 'update  
> bugs'.  We have significant experience with the two stage approach,  
> and it is our best answer so far.  You do not do this, or have  
> another solution I can see that addresses the same problems.  We  
> would want this.

Right, this is a serious problem. I would really like to see some more 
detailed documentation about this approach. But I am pretty sure this is a 
problem orthogonal to the content provider code and can be solved in a 
different package that then just has to work well with the others.

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