On Saturday 15 October 2005 15:48, Gary Poster wrote:
> The rough README is here:  http://svn.zope.org/Zope3/branches/
> f12gsprint-widget/src/zope/subview/README.txt?view=auto .  The whole  
> package is rough; I had to put work on this aside, but it it is  
> currently slated to be my next project, since we need some of the  
> capabilities.

Some random comments:

- I am glad our URL-scheme for subviews/portlets is pretty much identical. 
However, this shows me again, that subview's purpose is far above that of 
content providers and viewlets.

- You solve your render-bug problem using a container. If we could make this 
more of a conceptual container that simply collects all views to be used in a 
site, then I think this could work very well with content providers and 
viewlets. This is indeed a hard issue. Right now I see no way how you could 
flexibly provide additional subviews simply by registration, i.e. solve the 
viewlet/viewlet manager use case. I really want to talk to you over a 
higher-bandwidth medium about this.

> If we could agree on everything but the persistent bits for the 3.2  
> inclusion then I'd be thrilled.  That will mean a number of things  
> have to align though, including our perspectives. :-)

I think this can only happen, if we can get Roger, Benji, you and me at the 
same location for a couple of days. Our ues cases are somewhat different, but 
all equally important, especially the "update bug" of yours.

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