On Oct 17, 2005, at 12:08 PM, Stephan Richter wrote:

On Saturday 15 October 2005 15:48, Gary Poster wrote:

I also really wish we could agree on a subview-addressing story (for
AJAX) and a drag-and-drop story.  We have experience with our drag
and drop story, and are proposing a new AJAX story for subviews.  The
subview package only sets up some small foundations so that these can

This is the reason we have not fully explored implementing portlets yet. I think those type of features are only interesting in very dynamic, CMS-like
applications. For example, currently I do not need any of this for

Understood; as mentioned, the subview package offers an underlying agreement, which is important for interoperability. It shouldn't require SchoolTool to do much of anything except perhaps the subview container interface... I'll think about that some more.

The persistence use cases are real and important, and I'd like to
agree on them, but
- we're still having internal discussions about the right way to do it, - it's intended to be an optional part of the subview capabilities, and
- it doesn't appear to be pertinent to the viewlet or contentprovider

I really think that sub-views need to be adapters and their state should be stored using a well-defined API. More than that I cannot say, because I have
not thought about it. :-)

Jim agrees with your assertion, to my knowledge. I am on the fence. Benji disgrees, last I checked. I have certain goals, which I hope to talk through with Jim and also offer up here on the list when I get to it.

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