Stephan Richter wrote:

On Monday 17 October 2005 12:21, Gary Poster wrote:
Similarly to your comments, I'm worried about viewlets getting in Zope 3.2 without addressing the update problem, myself. Maybe you can simply put an XXX or a warning and be happy with it: not my call. :-)

No, I will not distribute it unless we are in agreement. I will probably merge the work into the trunk though, because I want SchoolTool to use it. ;-)


I have just read the examples of Content provider and Viewlets and find them _really_ great, and even easier to understand than the present implementation of views with METAL macros, while providing unlimited possibilities. I have a two small questions however :

* If I decide to create a brand new skin, based heavily on content provider and viewlets, which sounds easier to do than the present way to do it, how should I provide the "glue" between the components which are not "content provider-capable" yet ? * By creating the content provider, I could gather information from various kinds of object and provide a composite view of them. Is that right ?

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