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> Hi Roger,
> Roger Ineichen wrote:
> > The main question is, what's the base "source" for build the Zope3
> > application server. I guess this will be generated by zpkgtools 
> > in some way.
> > If I understand zpkgtools correct, we can use it for checkout the
> > source. 
> Right.
> > The step after the checkout isn't clear to me right now 
> > for windows.
> Tim posted a URL in another thread which I hope should clear 
> that up... 
> it may (and hopefully will!) mean more to you than it does for me...
> > We also have to define how Zope3 get installed on a windows 
> > machine. I don't like the normal installation where is 
> located in the 
> > python installation root right now. 
> Is that where it ends up on Linux? If so, then we should 
> respect that...

That's not a normal pattern for windows. But I agree it's the
way how python application get installed. But that doesn't mean 
it's correct for every usecase.

> > This means we whould offer a 
> > installation "by instance" where we don't share the zope/python 
> > libraries, located in the python installation root, and don't need 
> > to run "mkzopeinstance".
> I'm -1 on this...

How whould you install two different version of z3 if you share the
libraries? Ok, perhpas that's not a normal use case. But we have to
support this with a installer.

There are two concepts for install applications on windows.

1. Applications can be installed on time on a server if they use hard 
coded version seetings or they will override previouse installtion 
settings in the "Software Panel"

2. Application can be installed per instance. in this case the insteller
has to use "instance" settings for store it's info n the "Software Panel".
Otheriwse we will override the installation data and are not able to
unsinstall more the one zope3 server.

But this is only required if we don't install the source to the python
installation root.

For me it's a must to install zope3 as a running application rater then
install the source to python on a windows system and use mkzopeinstance.
I really think mkzopeinstance should be a part of the installation 

> > The best way to do all required steps would be a sprint. I guess
> > if the right people are there, it's possible to improve all parts
> > where we need in 3 or 4 days.
> I guess you're volunteering to organise one then? ;-)

That's not a problem if somebody likes to come to switzerland.
Tell me if you are interessted and I can organize a workshop.

> > btw, 
> > A option for backup the Data.fs should also be integrated in the 
> > update (installation) process.
> Don't really follow that... Backup has nothing to do with 
> setup/install 
> for me...

I don't understand that, everytime I run a update I backup the 
data before. I don't think that's bad idea.  But I agree not every
installer supports this. I normaly implement in each installer 
a backup option. You only have to use them if you like it.

btw, why should we not offer a backup option for the Data.fs 
during backup?

Roger Ineichen

> cheers,
> Chris
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