Roger Ineichen wrote:
We also have to define how Zope3 get installed on a windows machine. I don't like the normal installation where is

located in the
python installation root right now.

Is that where it ends up on Linux? If so, then we should respect that...

That's not a normal pattern for windows.

That's not what I asked ;-)

But I agree it's the
way how python application get installed. But that doesn't mean it's correct for every usecase.

Yes, but it is here. I prefer the "less suprises" way of doing things, and with zope/python, that means I want packages to end up in site-packages, and instance-homes to only contrain instance-specific software...

How whould you install two different version of z3 if you share the
libraries? Ok, perhpas that's not a normal use case. But we have to
support this with a installer.

True, I think the normal windows idiot of letting the user specify the install location, but default it to the site-packages directory of the system python...

I really think mkzopeinstance should be a part of the installation process.

maybe, but I usually end up running it often on its own later..

That's not a problem if somebody likes to come to switzerland.
Tell me if you are interessted and I can organize a workshop.

Well, getting people there is all part of the fun of organising a sprint...

I don't understand that, everytime I run a update I backup the data before. I don't think that's bad idea.

Neither do I :-)

But I agree not every
installer supports this. I normaly implement in each installer a backup option. You only have to use them if you like it.

...but I don't really think it's the installer's responsibility.

btw, why should we not offer a backup option for the Data.fs during backup?



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