On Monday 17 October 2005 13:27, St├ęphane Brunet wrote:
> * If I decide to create a brand new skin, based heavily on content
> provider and viewlets, which sounds easier to do than the present way to
> do it, how should I provide the "glue" between the components which are
> not "content provider-capable" yet ?

Obviously you cannot affect existing views. The only hook you have here is to 
override the main template and insert content provider hooks there. This is 
what I am doing for SchoolTool.

> * By creating the content provider, I could gather information from
> various kinds of object and provide a composite view of them. Is that
> right ?

Yes, though the original context is still the object you are viewing. So you 
have to do the object digging yourself, which is usually not that hard. In 
the complex example of viewlets you can see how viewlets themselves can be 
adapted by an alternative context.

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