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Stephan Richter wrote:
> On Thursday 13 October 2005 11:48, Tres Seaver wrote:
>>I have been trying to write a doctest for the "tools" stuff to show
>>J├╝rgen Kartnaller how[1], so he could write a test for the bug he found
>>in tool deletion[2].
>>While writing the test, I found myself mourning for the huge flock of
>>assorted fowl I was slaughtering, trying to get the planets aligned[3]
>>so that the SiteManagerView could actually install a tool implmentation.
>>I have finally given up, and ask abjectly for elightenment from the
>>hierarchs of Z3.
> Tres,
> Jim has some ideas on how to make this all much simpler. Just the fact that 
> you have to introduce the concept of tools is a dead chicken,

Registering a tool isn't a dead chicken:  it is the mechanism which
allows software developers to offer "candidate local utilities", which
can then be added / configured by the site admin into a local site
manager later (one is mechanism, the other is policy).  In the global
site manager, there is no need for the equivalent registration because
the policy is in the same place (the site's ZCML).

> since utilities 
> should be enough. Once we have adapters we might rethink this, but I would 
> think that adapters live in persistent modules, which are utilities in 
> return. ;-)

Most tools will *not* be in persistent modules;  they will be persistent
instances created from filesystem software.  I do not expect to depend
on persistent modules for CMF 2.0, for instance, for at least a year.

> If you are willing to work on this, I am willing to help you draft a proposal 
> (so would Jim, I think).

The particular dead chickens I complained of (in the attachment to my
original message) were the need to register factories / menus / menu
items in order to test the site manager view.  Those sacrifices were due
to an (expedient, I think) choice to reuse the "content add menu"
machinery inside the site manager.  None of that is needful or
interesting, given that there is *zero* overlap between the kinds of
things which one might add in content space versus site management space.

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