Stephan Richter wrote:
> On Wednesday 05 October 2005 17:00, jürgen Kartnaller wrote:
>>When more than one utility is selected for deleting in the site
>>management view, only the first selected utility is deleted.
>>The problem is that the content of regManager is changed inside the
>>while iteratating over it.
>>Here is the fix which works for me :
>>If this is applicable, can please someone check it into the trunk ?
>>The file is in
> Could you create an issue in the bug collector for this? If you cannot create 
> a unit test for it, then I will. :-)

Hi Stephan.

It's in the collector now, so you can start creating the unit test :)

I'm looking forward to see this code because I'm completely stuck on this.
The problem to build such kind of tests is to setup a test environment
which contains enough context for the test case. And this really takes a
lot of time for a none zope guru.


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