I'm also want to offer me as fresh meat in this effort.

My proposition for site plan, index pages *mark*::

  - My-portal/
    - *start page*, for registered users. Similar to Google PersonalPage
    - search for users (by many criteria)
    - profile page for each author (contacts, activities, group
      membership, carma, send-a-messages)
  - HelpCenter/ (good idea from plone.org)
    - Novice Book (First 'Hello World' application)
    - APIs/ (there is some ideas described later look for [*])
    - CookBook/
      - <categories/tags>
      - recipes
    - HowTos/
      - <categories/tags>
      - a lot of howtos ;)
    - Books/
      - *covers*
      - books descriptions
    - Other helpfull mess: FAQs, Videos, Links,
      Tutorials, Glossary, Translators Guides,
      Errors references, Products descriptions
      and help sections
  - Products area/
    - <categories/tags>
    - ProductItems, it must be more usable then on plone.org,
      zope.org variant is more understandable
      [*] - if it is possible each product must have auto generated
      APIs and custom help sections for each version.
  - Groups And Communities/
    - playground for interests group w/ hidden sections and (???I hate
      it, but ppl like) discussion forums.
    - projects wiki
  - Maillists archives/
  - Events/
    - Topic folders functionality for content published in
      groups folders
  - Solutions Providers/
    - *search*
    - many providers/
      - similar to groups providers can publish some types of content
        for ex. Press Releases, News, Trainings/Events.
      - relevant experts
  ... and many other cool things.

HelpCenter area is simple (1 week), Groups and Communities 2 stars, Products APIs area and Maillists harder for me.

User registrations and management partially done in our project Hivurt (http://hivurt.org/, only splash).

Publishing of contents through personal workspace (look for my Zope 2 product http://keysolutions.ru/Products/WorkspaceGear/).

Wait for comments.

Mats Nordgren wrote:
My name is Mats, I've visited #zope-dev under the nick gnosis. I've long

Mikhail Kashkin

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