On Wednesday 19 October 2005 05:51, Grégoire Weber wrote:
> Hi everybody,
> while modeling the external API of an application I'd like to use the
> tagged value feature of the interface implementation.
> It seems to me that handling tagged values is implemented inconsequently.
> It would be nice if tagging attributes and interfaces would look the
> same as tagging methods:

I agree. Note that there is also a zope-interface mailing list.

> in the interface definition:
>     meth.tag = 'tagged' # interrestingly ``meth.setTaggedValue`` doesn't
> work attr.tag = 'tagged' # have to use ``attr.setTaggedValue('tag',
> 'tagged')`` currently

I think that setTaggedValue() should be the only thing that works, ever.

> on module level:
>     IGaga.tag = 'tagged' # have to use ``IGaga.setTaggedValue('tag',
> 'tagged')`` currently

This should definitely fail, using setTaggedValue() is again the right choice.

> See code below with traces.
> I didn't dig deep enough into the interface implementation to find out
> why. I may try. Any hints?

I think you should have no problems finding support for this fix, so please 
feel free to fix it.

Stephan Richter
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