Stephan Richter wrote:
On Wednesday 19 October 2005 05:51, Grégoire Weber wrote:

Hi everybody,

while modeling the external API of an application I'd like to use the
tagged value feature of the interface implementation.

It seems to me that handling tagged values is implemented inconsequently.

It would be nice if tagging attributes and interfaces would look the
same as tagging methods:

I agree. Note that there is also a zope-interface mailing list.

in the interface definition:

   meth.tag = 'tagged' # interrestingly ``meth.setTaggedValue`` doesn't
work attr.tag = 'tagged' # have to use ``attr.setTaggedValue('tag',
'tagged')`` currently

I think that setTaggedValue() should be the only thing that works, ever.

on module level:

   IGaga.tag = 'tagged' # have to use ``IGaga.setTaggedValue('tag',
'tagged')`` currently

This should definitely fail, using setTaggedValue() is again the right choice.

See code below with traces.

I didn't dig deep enough into the interface implementation to find out
why. I may try. Any hints?

I think you should have no problems finding support for this fix, so please feel free to fix it.

+1 on all above. :)


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