Hi All,

I use Z3 Page Templates for things non-Zope and have run into unexpected NameErrors.

A condition like <tal:block condition="object/non_existing_attr| nothing"> does not evaluate to false (nothing) but raises NameError. Digging into zope.tales.expressions, I found that simpleTraverse raises NameError in case the object at hand does not implement __getitem__. Well, my objects don't and I am screwed as a result ;-)

Now I am wondering if simpleTraverse shouldn't raise AttributeError instead. I run this by the list because there may be a non-obvious (to me) reason to raise NameError, precisely because it is *not* included in Undefs.

So, is there or would this qualify as a bug? There is a test that seems to point to some use with regard to namespaces, but I don't see how this wouldn't work just as well with AttributeError.


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