Hi there,

Would there be any interest in merging hurry.query into Zope 3.2?

What it does:

hurry.query - higher level query system built on top of the Zope 3
              catalog. Some inspiration came from Dieter Maurer's
              AdvancedQuery. See src/hurry/query/query.txt for

Here's the code:


And here's a doctest:


Of course, it probably needs a review and adaptations before it's accepted, and time until the feature freeze in november is short. It would be a very useful addition to Zope 3's featureset, however. It exposes features of various indexes that the normal catalog API does not expose, or if so, only very obscurely. :) Now that I think of it, exposing the ZCTextIndex properly with the various features involved may need the most work.

If there's interest, I'd really appreciate volunteers for putting up a proposal on the wiki and integrating it into the codebase. This way it'd get a review by that person. If it'd be up to myself I likely won't have time...

By the way, is zc.catalog up for merging with Zope 3.2, or won't this happen yet? hurry.query has a dependency on zc.catalog, though I believe I succeeded in keeping this optional.


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