Jim Fulton wrote:

> Paul Winkler wrote:
>> Hi Jim, just de-lurking for a moment:
>> On 10/24/05, Jim Fulton <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
>>  > I think the biggest problem with the ZPT macro approach to look
>> and feel
>>> concerns are not separated.  CPSSkins deals with this in it's own way.
>> I couldn't quite parse that.  What is not separated from what?
> Sorry, I assumed too much context.
> At a minimum, the concerns of the page author are not separated from the
> concerns of the site designer. Put another way, the concerns of the
> person
> creating the content well are mixed up with the concerns of people
> creating the
> "O-wrap".  There are probably other concerns that should be separated
> too.
> Jim

To put it differently: with page templates you try to separate concerns,
by splitting things into: content, presentation, portlets, viewlets,
macros, local variations in the presentation.... (put your concept here)
using the TAL language. But what you start from is in fact a HTML page.

In cpsskins you start from the individual concepts (portlets, widgets,
styles, slots, pages, themes, perspectives. ...) that can be related in
different ways and the job of the rendering engine is create a
particular composition based on the instructions given by different
categories of users (UI designers. site designer, application designers,
users, .. )


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