On Tuesday 25 October 2005 09:18, Michael Kerrin wrote:
>   There is some code in zope.app.http.put module that I would like to
> remove since the code in question seems a bit extreme in my opinion, and
> its breaking the twisted integration.
>   In the default PUT handler we have the following:
>        for name in request:
>             if name.startswith('HTTP_CONTENT_'):
>                  # Unimplemented content header
>                  request.response.setStatus(501)
>                  return ''
>   Low and behold Twisted actually sets the HTTP_CONTENT_LENGTH variable in
> the request and hence we always get a 501 response for a PUT request.
>   I can't see the logic to failing a request like this, so is alright for
> me to remove this code.

If there is no unit test explaining the reason for this condition, please feel 
free to remove it. It is very important for SchoolTool that PUT works.

Please add a test explaining why we not want this. :-)

Stephan Richter
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