im using sqlos with zope3 which is for itself no problem.
People who worked with sqlos might know, that you have to change an adapter in sqlos's configure.zcml acording to which database you use. This is so, because sqlobject, on which sqlos is built up, has to know which database it uses as it generates SQL for them. So no alternative i see can change the fact, that it has to know which database is used.
I see four possible solutions to this:

1. Move sqlobject into zope.app.rdb/into the database connectors.
While this would open some neat possibilities, i dont think anybody will see this as an real possibility, as it is bloat and way too much work.

2. Have sqlos extract which database is used out of the classname of the connection. This works (it is working in a branch now), but is not very elegant, propably failure prone, and doesnt use zope addaption, but the database adapters doesnt have to be changed.

3. Have ever single adapter reimplement some type method.
This would work, but would still not use zope adaption and all database adapters would have to be changed.

4. Every database adapter has an own interface which inherits from the zope one. This would enable the use of normal zope adaption which i would prefer, but again every adapter which should be used together with sqlos has to be changed.

There is also one other problem. Sqlobject needs to have the database module in order to do binary uploads and other things. But as far as i looked i cant extract that one out of the zope.app.rdb adapter, or? Wouldnt it be better if the database module would be provided in .module or something?

Andres Freund
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