Hello Dominik,

I tried it using a subscriber.


def App_boot(event):
        # precondition
        obj = event.object
        if not IApplication.providedBy(obj):
        ensureUtility(obj, IWorkflowProcessRepository, 
                        'WorkflowProcessRepository', WorkflowProcessRepository, 
        ensureUtility(obj, IWorkflowUtility, 
                        'WorkflowUtility', WorkflowUtility, 'wfu')      

It works, but it adds the utilities to the global site manager :-(
If the behavior is OK this way, then why do I have to pass the
root_folder? I don't really get it.

If I start to go my own way and copy+modify the

def getSiteManagerDefault(root_folder):
    sm = root_folder.getSiteManager()
    #default = zapi.traverse(folder.getSiteManager(), 'default')
    #package_name = '/++etc++site/default'
    #package = traverse(root_folder, package_name)
    package_name = 'default'
    package = traverse(sm, package_name)
    return package

then it is working. The 2 utilities land in the local site manager.

Friday, November 4, 2005, 12:48:57 PM, you wrote:

> Hi Adam
> You need location information (-> __parent__) for this setup. Regularly
> the object knows that information not until its addition to a container.
> Subscribe to ObjectAdded event and do the same setup within the handler
> and it will work.

> Regards,
> Dominik

> Adam Groszer wrote:

>>I'd like to provide some default utilities for my sub-site.
>>As I checked there is the nice ensureUtility method but as it turns
>>out it failes with
>>  Module szscreen.app, line 339, in __init__
>>    'WorkflowUtility', WorkflowUtility, 'wfu')
>>  Module zope.app.appsetup.bootstrap, line 66, in ensureUtility
>>    name, **kw
>>  Module zope.app.appsetup.bootstrap, line 74, in addConfigureUtility
>>    utility_name = addUtility(root_folder, utility_type, utility_factory, 
>> **kw)
>>  Module zope.app.appsetup.bootstrap, line 83, in addUtility
>>    package = getSiteManagerDefault(root_folder)
>>  Module zope.app.appsetup.bootstrap, line 105, in getSiteManagerDefault
>>    package = traverse(root_folder, package_name)
>>  Module zope.app.traversing.api, line 96, in traverse
>>    return traverser.traverse(path, request=request)
>>  Module zope.app.traversing.adapters, line 120, in traverse
>>    curr = IPhysicallyLocatable(self.context).getRoot()
>>  Module zope.app.location.traversing, line 90, in getRoot
>>    raise TypeError("Not enough context to determine location root")
>>TypeError: Not enough context to determine location root
>>when it checks the existence of the utility it uses
>>  sm = root_folder.getSiteManager()
>>but when it wants to add the non existing utility
>>  package = getSiteManagerDefault(root_folder)
>>which in turn wants to traverse like this
>>  package_name = '/++etc++site/default'
>>  package = traverse(root_folder, package_name)
>>Is there any way to easily solve the task?
>>Excerpt from szscreen.app:
>>class IApplication(IReadContainer, IPossibleSite, IAttributeAnnotatable):
>>      ""
>>class Application(Persistent, SampleContainer, SiteManagerContainer):
>>        implements(IApplication)
>>        def __init__(self):
>>                SampleContainer.__init__(self)
>>                sm = LocalSiteManager(self)
>>                self.setSiteManager(sm)
>>                ...
>>                ensureUtility(self, IWorkflowUtility,
>>                        'WorkflowUtility', WorkflowUtility, 'wfu')

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