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Hi Dimitry

Roger Ineichen wrote:
Log message for revision 39855:
+    _passwordManagerName = "Plain Text"
     def __init__(self, login, password, title, description=u'',
             passwordManagerName="Plain Text"):
         self._login = login

This is unnecessary since there is new database generation at http://localhost:8080/++etc++process/@@generations.html which add self._passwordManagerName and also convert self.password to self._password, so you need to evolve anyway. I think this change just will be masks future password problems, since self.password is a property now.

I see, I didn't recognize the evolve implementation.

Is there a way to evolve durring the bootstrap process? Or is the manuel process via the ZMI the right way?

By default the SchemaManager only evolve to a minimum generation on startup (see: zope/app/generations/subscriber.zcml), so I think evolve through ZMI it's the right way for now. Maybe someone more familiar with the generations can give a note?

What do you think,should I remove the _passwordManagerName
class attribute, which will break instances in un-evolved databases. Right now with this changes the views are not broken. Without the _passwordManagerName the views where will access the InternalPrincipal are broken because oft the missing attribute they call. What do you recommend?

I've already removed the _passwordManagerName class attribute and added some note about the new generation. I think that the unbroken views in this case are just sweet illusion since passwords doesn't work anyway.

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