Benji York wrote:
Roger Ineichen wrote:
 > Is there a way to evolve during the bootstrap process? Or is the
 > manuel process via the ZMI the right way?

If min generation is set properly shouldn't this happen automatically?

Yes, but is it right way to set min generation == max generation?

 > What do you think,should I remove the _passwordManagerName
 > class attribute, which will break instances in un-evolved
 > databases.

I think a generation is too "heavy" a fix where a simple class attribute
will suffice.  I like Roger's fix and propose we remove the generation.

No, there is also self.password attribute changed to a property which is not so easy to fix without a generation. I see two alternative possibilities:

1. Custom __getstate__() method;
2. The views may use a methods to get/set self.password attribute;

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