Roger Ineichen wrote:
Hi Dimitry , Benji and Stephan
In this case a generation is appropriate.

Agreed. I didn't know about the other changes. The only thing I would propose would be that the generation be automatically run.

I agree too.
I think automatic generation is a good idea in this case.

I'm not sure on the automatic evolving since it will be a little unexpectedly for some users.

I think a MIGRATION.txt file in the trunk/doc folder would be a good idea for such migration notes.

Is doc/CHANGES.txt not enough?

btw, we have to take care on such changes, what's happen if somebody
uses allready a password property in a custom class where is inherited
form InternalPrincipal?

Then the password manager will not be used, but by default plain text passwords will be used anyway. Not so terrible I think.

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