Jim Fulton wrote:

> Jean-Marc Orliaguet wrote:
> ...
>> there are cases where you need to evaluate an expression to get the
>> msgid for instance in:
>> there is a workaround, but it is very inelegant:
>> http://svn.nuxeo.org/trac/pub/changeset/27505
>> the translation could be done in python, but I guess you would need to
>> create special i18n views whose sole purpose would be to translate
>> information that's already available.
>> the risk would be that users start translating msgid in python code that
>> is not meant to be presented in a view.
> Nobody is objecting to getting message ids from exceptions, 

'expressions' you mean?

> They should be
> message ids though, not strings.  I think we need to work with strings,
> but have tools to aid developers in detecting when they've used strings
> rather than message ids.
and a message id would be a string with characters in lowercase without
spaces but maybe with underscores or dots?

this is important to know I think, because I'd like to be able to
translate interfaces names, dotted names..


> Jim
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