Jim Fulton wrote:
> Jim Fulton wrote:
>> in zope/app/form/__init__.py there is a method used to translate
>> widget labels that passes "zope" as a domain.  This means that
>> labels that are not message ids get the zope domain.  At best, this
>> hides i18n bugs.  At worst, this will lead to undesired translations.
>> I think it's a bad idea to provide a default domain.
>> I'd like to fix this, but if I do, some tests will break.
>> It appears that these tests are just trying to test that
>> translation happens.  I think I could just fix the tests by
>> having them use message ids rather than using ordinary unicode
>> strings.
>> I'll do this in a couple of days if no one objects. :)
> Or better yet, we could stop having widgets translate
> their own labels and hints, since this seems to be getting
> done in the templates that use the labels and hints, leading to
> double translation.
> This is what I will do if I don't get any objections. :)

This caused a minor glitch in Five (read: Zope 2 tests would fail)
because the double translation only applied to the labels, not the
hints. There was no test that would've alerted you to that, though...

I just fixed this in r40030 and supplied a test I borrowed from Five.

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